Electric Autocraftingtable

First introduced in version 1.36a, this Device is able to autocraft items like the Immibis Autocraftingtable, but at the cost of 2500EU per craftingprocess. 10 Holoslots for Recipedeclaration (one being the theoretical output). 9 Bufferslots for your Items (green side), 1 Ouputslot (red side) and 9 Containeritem-Outputslots (other 4 sides).

It has many Modes

Arrow pointing to the right: Uses the Crafting Recipe, which you entered into the Holo Slots.

Blue Dots in black Squares: Tries to "package" all Items, by using all of the 3 following Grid Modes. If packaging Fails, it will just transfer the unpackageable Item to the Output. If you put Items into the Holo Slots, then they will be excluded from packaging.

1x1, 2x2 and 3x3-Grid: Tries to arrange Items like this, to package the Items like shown on the Button.

NEW: The Oredictionary-Unificator-Mode (Symbol looks a bit like DNA)

This Mode converts Ingots, Dusts and Gems from any other Mod into the GregTech/IC²-Variant of it (Only if there is one). So if you have 5 different not together stackable Versions of Silver Ingots (yeah, so many Mods seriously add Silver), for example, this Mode would convert them all into the Silver Ingots of GregTech. If you put Forestry Bronze into it then its getting converted into IC²-Bronze.

But wait, there is more! The integrated Unificator is also converting ANY Crafting Output automatically into the correct unificated form of the Output, so if you use the Thermal Expansion Recipe for Bronze Blend, you will get the same amount of the equivalent IC²-Bronze Dust instead! This is making automated Factories and Storage Systems less of a mess, by just making all the equivalent Dusts, Ingots and Gems, into one simple and stackable Pile of its GregTech/IC²-Format.

NEW: The Dust Piler Mode Uses 500EU per You have got all those tiny Piles of Dust from my Machines? You want to make them into large Piles, but the 2x2-Packager also produces Carbon Fibres, as soon as Coal Dust enters? This Mode makes sure that the 2x2-Packaging only converts tiny Piles of Dust into the normal ones!



  • 4 x Electrum Ingot
  • 2 x Advanced Circuit
  • 1 x RE-Battery
  • 1 x Crafting Table
  • 1 x Advanced Machine Block

Produces: 1 x Electric Craftingtable