WARNING! This page describes the fusion reactor for GT 2.82c and older. As of MC 1.5 the fusion reactor is much more complicated, and outputs plasmified helium which must be piped into plasma generators to generate energy, and basically everything below is wrong for newer versions.

ATTENTION! The Fusionreactor energy output was significantly buffed as of version 2.06b. You must now use Supercondensators on the output sides to collect the energy.


  • 4 x Energyflow Circuit
  • 2 x Lapotronic Energyorb
  • 2 x Supercondensator
  • 1 x GregTech-Computercube

Produces: 1 x Fusionreactor

  • 2 x Tesla Coil
  • 4 x Highly Advanced Machineblock
  • 1 x Energyflow Circuit
  • 1 x Superconductor
  • 1 x Iridium-Neutronreflector

Produces: 1 x Fusioncoil

As of 2.06a the Fusionreactor received a major buff. It now outputs 1000000EU/p and the two Energyproduction-Recipes output now 16 times more Energy. This is the currently most efficient Way of generating Power. You can fuse two different Elements together to gain Energy, or even to just create other Elements in a very energycostly way. To set it up you need the Fusionreactorblock itself, 24 Fusioncoils, 2 HV-Transformers, a Splittercable which you might want to place at the Output, and a way to get enough Energy to trigger the Fusion.

The Setup of the Coils looks as follows



A splitter cable on the output is required to prevent energy from being drained while the reactor is starting up. Once the Fusionreactor has started converting both InputMaterials and is generating EU, the splitter cable can be disabled allowing energy out of the Fusionreactor to any device capable of handling 2048EU/t. HV-Transformers are used here to convert the extreme voltage to high voltage which is a little more manageable. Two AESUs configured to accept 2048EU/t can also be used to accept EU output from the Fusionreactor. And finally, two IDSUs MUST be used to accept energy from both Fusionreactor outputs. EU is output from both sides of the Fusionreactor on the same tick so hooking up both outputs to an IDSU will result in a 4096EU packet causing the IDSU to explode.

  • Every Fusionprocess has a required EU amount before it will ignite the InputMaterials.
  • Ignition energy is only required to start a Fusionreaction.
  • If the Fusionreaction is interrupted or stopped, the reactor must be supplied with the required IgnitionCost to start again.
  • A Fusionreaction can be stopped if it runs out of either of the required InputMaterials.
  • A Fusionreaction can be stopped if any of the Fusioncoils are removed or destroyed.
  • A Fusionreactor can run indefinitely as long as the required InputMaterials are supplied.
  • InputMaterials for the Fusion recipe can go in either of the two left slots.
  • At least one of each material must be present before the reactor will accept energy for ignition.
  • If an InputMaterial is removed, any stored ignition energy will be lost.
  • The Fusionreactor will not lose or drain ignition energy if the input source runs out or is disconnected.
  • Ignition energy will only drain if either of the Fusionreactor's outputs is connected to any device that accepts EU.
  • The absolutely complete List of Fusion recipes can be seen inside the Database of a GregTech-Computercube.

Fusion recipes

Output EU/t
Ticks per Cycle
EU Output/cycle
40 million
60 million
90 million
Iridium Ore
80 milion
Platinum Dust



Energyinput is on the 2 Lampsides (You need to connect only one of these with your Inputcable!), Energyoutput (where you put your 2 HV-Transformers) is on the 2 HV-Output-Facings. The Top with the Computerdisplay is for autofilling the Topslot, while the GregTech-Logo on the bottom is for the autofilling of the Bottomslot (So you may need at least one Automationmod like Redpower). For Retrieving the He-Cells just put your Tubes/Filters on the last remaining Side.
It will need 40000000EU (4 full MFSUs!) to start running with D_Cells and T-Cells, so try to keep the Fuel for the Reaction up as long as possible (at least a stack of each Cell). Its acting like a Cable if you put Cables on IN and OUT-putsections that means you may want to place a Splittercable at the Outputcables to be able to charge it up. The Reactor itself can hold 100000000EU before you lose any Energy due to overfilling the Storage, and will output at a rate of 4096EU/t.
It doesn't matter, which Inputslots you choose for T-Cells or D-Cells, as long as one contains the T-Cell-Stack and the other one the D-Cell-Stack. Same for other Recipes.