The G.L.A.D.-OS GregTech-Computercube

The Graphical-Lag-Amount-Detector-Operating-System is a GregTech-ComputerCube, which enables you to see the graphical Lag directly. Its Screen changes every time a graphical Update happens, so the more Fluctuation on it, the more graphical Lag you have.
But that is only the Mainpurpose! It has also an integrated Nuclearreactorplanner and a Seedscanner! Open the GUI and click on the "M"-Button on the Top right Corner, to change the Mode.
This wonderful Device is a Computer! But not something that interprets your Commands, like the rpc/8e or the Computercraftcomputer, it is something with pretty useful Applications. To switch those Applications, just click the "M"-Button in its GUI. Note that you can only open the GUI, if you are the Owner of this Device.
Application 00: Well, that's just the Startupwindow. Maybe I will improve that later with direct Links.
Application 01: The Reactorplanner. This is for simulating your Nuclearreactor. Don't forget to supply Energy, for running the Simulationprocess. The Window shows the Reactor-GUI with all your Components and their status. The Screen on the Bottom shows the Stats of the Reactorhull and the EU-Production.
There is a Copyslot on the Topright to select the Component you want to place. Shift-Left-Clicking removes a Component. The Disk-Symbols are for saving/loading the Reactorplan. The yellow nuclear Button is for starting the Simulation.
The Reactorplanner automatically stops as soon as either no Energy would be produced by the Cells or the whole thing would theoretically go BOOM! The Computer itself normally doesn't explode during simulation, unless you feed it with more than 32EU/p.
Application 02: Scanner. In this Mode the Computercube is able to scan things, like Seedbags for example. But it's not for free, it needs 10000EU per scanned Object, at a rate of up to 100EU/t (Note that the ComputerCube is LV-Tier!!!).
Application 03/04/05: Here is the Database. View all the Fusionrecipes, Centrifugerecipes and other descriptive Texts, that I added to it.
Note: Every time you switch Modes in the Computercube ALL DATA stored inside it is lost. Did you hear me? ALL DATA!!! That IS completely intended, as I have written a Function which does that exactly!!! So craft more Computers, if you want to save your Reactordata or other Settings.


  • 2 x Dataorb
  • 2 x Energyflow Circiut
  • 4 x Computer Monitor
  • 1 x Advanced Machine Block

Produces: 1 x GregTech-Computercube